How Often?

Tetrad/Torre Hot/Cold Sonic Neck Massager

Results are cumulative, so while it might be tempting to use often, for best results, use Tetrad 3 times a week for the 1st month. After you’ve completed your first month’s treatment, use weekly for regular maintenance and long-lasting beauty results. You’ll notice increased softening of lines, smoothing of skin, and increased overall glow after each treatment.

Supersonic Skin Scrubber

It’s gentle enough to use daily, but we recommend no more than three times a week until you’re sure just how your skin will respond to treatments.

Because it’s such a gentle treatment, you can feel free to use your Supersonic Skin Scrubber anyplace you’d traditionally use a facial cleanser- face, neck, chest, and even the tops of your hands. But don’t ever use it in the shower or bath!